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Communications with a computer, in the recent years, is dramatically changing. The system is always connected to the cloud. You get all services. Book a ticket, hire a cab, get an appointment with the doctor, read story for your children, get recipe for the kitchen or lean a new subject or two. No prerequisites. No bar. Just Talk.


The world of voice based devices, bots is adding value to businesses. Retail, FinTech, Health & Fitness and Social sites are moving to voice enable their services, on popular devices such as Amazon's Alexa application platform.


As a part of working and assisting CXO communities, we realized the need for businesses to voice enable  and provide value inputs to their customers. We launched our latest Alexa Voice Skills application 'Technology Trends', which a list of over 100 emerging technologies in 2018, and you can ask about the technology, adoption or business impact.

You can ask questions such as 


What is the definition of machine learning?


What is the adoption of Augmented Reality?


What is the business impact of block chain?


Several key trends such as Cloud Computing Architecture, Digital Twin, Big Data in India etc….


Voice Services


Conversational .AI Engines, enable businesses to over voice journey for their products and services to customers. We assist with strategy and business models for enabling voice journey maps and applications.

Our Skills Services, covers journey maps for your voice application or service, and for enterprises application like email, calendar, and events integration for voice enablement within your enterprise. We deliver the following key mile stones. We will spend time with the management, staff and important personal, to plan and will comprise of the following areas.

• Data Validations, preparations and guidelines for voice enablement.
• Project plan for integration with Alexa framework.
• Basic Product/service Architecture Overview
• Beta Test
• Going live including Privacy and data compliance


  • We collaborate, advise and perform data due diligence and preparation for voice services.

  • Design, Strategize and plan voice journey maps, questions and answer sessions, customer interaction models and automated replies and engagements.

  • Customer Engagement models for Voice Journey.

  • Takes a broader view of the strategy and infrastructure, focusing on business and IT alignment.

  • We work with your business stakeholders, your internal staff and your external suppliers

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