"Cost (of CIO / CTO) is an important investment for enterprises or startups. The recruitment cycles are very long and unproductive"

Whilst the CTO position is an important part to the business, not every organization wants this as full time role due to business affordability or not having a long term plan for continued engagement. Our CTO as a Service can add to your permanent activities or augment existing staff to optimize your strategy, complete and fulfil your vision and ensure you have the ability to execute the first time correctly and better chances of success.


C-level services, we provide strategy and consulting services for startups and technology-driven companies along with their stages of expansion. We assist and guide technology growth companies through their business development cycle, from product development, go-to-market strategies, financial plans, IP, fund-raising guidance and intellectual capital.


The challenge for companies is to stay current with these emerging technologies, investing wisely with confidence in strategic options that create most value.







We Deliver Value


  • C-level strategy and consulting services for technology-driven companies of all sizes and stages of expansion.

  • Expertise in guiding growth companies through their business development cycle.

  • Financial modelling and IP initiatives to fund-raising preparation, product, go-to-market strategies and intellectual capital.





We Offer These Services


  • Evaluate Technical architecture.

  • Estimating costs, timelines for product development.

  • Identify products or tools that can complement the proposed product architecture.

  • Interview candidates for technology positions.

  • Define Roles and Responsibilities for the team.

  • Assist setting up remote teams for product development.

  • External Vendor selection and strategies for outsourced product development.

  • Executive dashboard for sequencing programs, projects, initiatives, partnerships, and funds.


Benefits to your Organization


  • Be a sounding board for any technology based business decision

  • 'As a service' model helps in managing time, resources well within budgets.

  • Outside - in perspective is built in, that improves business agility

  • Virtual CXO can bring innovative options (more than one CXO can contribute to strengthen or de-risk decision makings)

  • Review technical guidelines, project plans, and go-to market strategies

  • Provide architecture oversight, and reduce technology execution risks

  • Significantly increase technology efficiency & agility


Our Partnerships


Our service model is designed to be flexible to ensure we can tailor a service to suit your needs. We can provide the package that offers you the best value for money and we are happy to discuss the different options with you.

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