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Machine Learning - We provide strategy consulting and implementation assistance in the areas of Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Voice enabled .AI As the amount of information available online is growing, information overload is a real problem. Accessing specific important information from a huge knowledge base has clearly shown the importance of natural language processing applications.


Machine translation helps us conquer language barriers that are often encountered by translating technical manuals, support content or catalogs at a significantly reduced cost. Companies have massive sets of data collected over the years. Not all that data is Machine Learnable or Trainable.


Our Data Science Engagement Framework


Fixing stuff Zone

Construct a semi structured historical DB and data trail

Enable visualization and Techniques to access current data

Deploy Statistical tools for mining the data


Yes! We can Zone

Implement streaming data ingestion

Anticipate incident using predictive analytics

Root cause analysis for complex problems


Scale zone

Share data and analysis with Business Heads

Share data and analysis with People Outside the Organization

Expand functionality rapidly, with Apps Development.


Full adoption zone

Inventory of all Existing data sources.

Assess skill sets and roles to translate the data

Select key business applications for Machine Learned Data

Machine Learning & NLP


Machine learning is the science of creating algorithms and program which learn on their own. Once designed, they do not need a human to become better. Some of the common applications of machine learning include following: Web Search, spam filters, recommender systems, ad placement, credit scoring, fraud detection, stock trading, computer vision and drug design.


Automation of Data analyzed and Collected using our Data Science Framework, allows us to provide consultative services to build trained Machine Learning Models for your Enterprise. Our ML & NLP Framework provides these offerings

Learning System Model

Training and testing solutions

Algorithms and predefined Selections

Machine learning structure for available data

Self-Learning and Automation techniques

.AI Strategy Consulting


Journey to Transcend the Digital Era


We assist enterprises define and adopt AI strategy across the entire line of business to enable efficiency within their enterprise, and help improve customer traction and personalization. Today, customers need to be engaged in a personalized way, and business Digital Transformation are underway to operate in the world of Machine Learning and AI


Our .AI Strategy works around defining strategy, identifying vendors and preparing data for the journey of digital transformation and Conversational .AI. We work with defining purpose and outcomes for companies involving


  • Chat Bots

  • Conversational .AI engines such as Amazon Alexa, Google Now, Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana

  • Define #API service offerings for automation and personalization.​


Our Services & Strategies revolve around


  • Exposing Business Leaders and Product Managers to Conversational AI by Investing in Innovation

  • Increase Organizational Readiness by Assessing Competencies and Resources

  • Host a Hackathon and Pilot Winning Conversational AI Ideas

  • Leverage Lessons from Pilots with Product Management to Update Your Digital Strategy.

Our Transformational Solutions

Data Sciences & ML

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