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What is CTO-as-a-Service?

Whilst the CTO position is an important part to the business, not every organization wants this as full time role due to business affordability or not having a long term plan for continued engagement. CTO as a Service can add to your permanent activities or augment existing staff to optimize your strategy, complete and fulfil your vision and ensure you have the ability to execute the first time correctly and better chances of success.

The initiative is to help established companies or ‘technology start-ups’ with a holistic view of conceptualization of their ideas to realization of its full potential. Start-ups today have several challenges to get to the final day of realization, from their concept which may be in hand written notes or sketches or Power Points or may be in some cases a working prototype.

Today, missing Technology skills provides the killer edge for success. Most companies start out from base versions, to building a Minimum Viable Product demo (MVP), and upon its success to go live with their first production version (Version 2) and beyond to scale and deploy. The technology skills required to engage and deliver across the various versions are different. Most of the help required ranges from resource identification, team building and motivation, project management, delivery and coding excellence, UX and testing the products, milestone planning, build, deploy and finally releasing it live. “We assign a CTO into your company and back them up with an engineering team,” with these value-added services

  • Provide a sounding board to the stakeholders, for technology objective insights and advise.

  • Review your project regularly, together we focus and scope your project

  • Assist on a periodic basis, to update or revise your strategy and plans, and consult with you on a deal-specific basis, like team expansions, hiring, strategic investment or other business critical decision points.

  • Full-stack practice offering management through to technical implementation expertise.

  • Starts with after a % down payment. This first down payment will green-light the collaboration as soon as all contracts are reviewed and signed.

  • Monthly payments based on one of the operating models selected.

  • A small % stake of the company, done through a version adapted to fit with our model.

  • A 6 month commitment.

Virtual CTO can bring innovative options (more than one CXO can contribute to strengthen or de-risk decision makings).

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