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CIO As a Service (CIOaaS)

“CIO expertise on demand, on your side, without the price tag of a Full-time CIO”

Technology has become the most important tool for growing any business today, and so it the most important factor to get right. Business that fail to plan and invest in its IT roadmap and infrastructure, faces becoming inefficient and losing out to competitors and business, and also the same applies to companies that overinvest in the wrong tech can end up in problems.

Technology now delicately stands between a growing company’s success and failure, it's clear that chief information officers (CIOs) are incredibly important for growth. Their job roles have evolved and changed so that they're now increasingly focused on business growth rather than just running IT systems or interfacing with IT managers or vendors.

The purpose of CIOaaS is to offer effective top-level management for all IT strategy execution, planning, and company’s IT roadmap and spend, thereby supporting the organizations with technologies that enable them to achieve their bottom lines.

  • We collaborate, advise and perform the same functions as a conventional CIO, overseeing strategic vision and business goals

  • Facilitating work with customers to plan technology roadmap, identify opportunities to use new technology tools.

  • Better and wider decision-making authority and technology deployment responsibilities.

  • Take a broader view of the strategy and infrastructure, focusing on business and IT alignment.

  • Work with stakeholders to help with business process execution

  • Risk & compliance supervision

  • Quickly understand your business needs and pain points

  • Effective management and support of existing IT strategy

  • Vendor Independence perspective.

The CIO is the executive best positioned to precipitate and moderate the conversations which create the vision of how information technology will move the enterprise forward.

We help you make well considered decisions, assess the true of IT, oversee implementation and importantly keep your costs down while allowing your team to be productive. We work with your business stakeholders, your internal staff and your external suppliers.

Your technology; managed by a working group made up of your team and lead by your virtual CIO. Our service model is designed to be flexible to ensure we can tailor a service to suit your needs. We can provide the package that offers you the best value.

The CIOaaS plays a critical role creating a competitive business advantage with that technology, leading your company effectively into the digital space, coordinates the multiple parts of the business that connect through the Internet, engages in strategic conversations with their peers, and oversees a digital environment that is growing exponentially year by year.

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